3 year sales plan

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business plan and associated wordsSome ideas to include

  • Achievements to date
  • Revenues on plan
  • Initiatives
  • Value Propostion
  • Building a compelling presentation
  • Sales leader meetings
  • Executive Briefing Centre/ showcase
  • The WOW factor
  • Recognition
  • Encouragement
  • Transformation

3 year sales plan – what are your key drivers

If there was only one thing what would it be?

How are we going to run thngs differently.

Need to get back to an aggressive growth track

Turn products into solutions

Customer focus not product focus

Vertical markets

Solution discovery


Strategic business development

Joined up account reviews

Target account selling

Mapping exercise across customers

Let’s find out who has got the strategic relationships

Lead allocation policy

Account review

Start with a business review

Each segment 20 minute business review

  • YTD
  • Target
  • Funnel
  • Risks
  • This year’s numbers

We’re not using the channel well enough in 100 of our accounts

How we can grow global accounts?

Go to market strategy

Any issues – Park and capture

Tactical discussion

What’s preventing us from doing this quickly and well?

Map against accounts

What are the barriers?

Re-engineer the business process


4 October 2007

Filed under Business Ideas, General

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