urgent help needed with speech

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urgent help needed with speech

urgent help needed with speech

My husband has decided to take early retirement and at a small farewell party next week I will be expected to say a few words. As I am not experienced in speech giving I am at a loss of where to start. I don’t want to be too serious but not laugh it off either. We have lived the life of ex-pats and I would like to include something to mention this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance!

Here are two speeches that you may be able to lift parts from.


The key is not to worry about going on too long. A few heart felt word could go down well.

You could always start with a few words about how much he enjoyed being at work or to give an example of an amusing moment in his working career.

You could say a few words about what he is planning to do with his retirement. To make it funnier you can give a few example of what you are planning for him to do on his retirment. You could also make a jokey comment about him cluttering up the house.

Either way keep it light and fairly short and don’t forget to practice it – at least once in front of a friend or colleague.

Good luck

Thanks for the tips………all went well and as you suggested, I did try it out on a friend first…….and I did keep it short which was very important as there were so many speeches !

you can try this one too

Hi Bella

In public speaking, you must keep in mind that in verbal communication there are no second chances for the audience to catch your remarks. Keep your talk simple and easy to recognize. Successful speeches contain no more than three central points. Four points is an absolute maximum. More will mystify the audience and waste their time – and yours.

Don’t learn by heart your speech. If you do not memorize it entirely, you will stumble, or worse, forget. Even if it is well memorized, you have to remind each word as it comes. This preoccupation makes your words sound rehearsed, cold and lifeless rather than impulsive, warm and earnest.



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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