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sync music to pictures

sync music to pictures

sync music to pictures

I have been asked to put together a presentation mixing music and images with an emphasis on having a particular part of the music playing at an exact time one of the images appears. I know how to do this but what I am finding is that once I have nailed it, the next time it plays the timing is out, play it a third time and its out again, so frustrating!!! Can anyone tell me how to achieve consistency? I wonder if once I have it, if I save it as a powerpoint show the music becomes embedded and won’t move. Thanks all.


There’s no way to accurately sync music in Powerpoint.

If you need this you might consider producing a video sequence of the pics with synced audio. You can use the free Windows Movie Maker to do this, there are much better packages but it would do the job and you probably already have it (part of Windows XP / Vista)

I did it once . . .

for a company presentation, and didn’t have that problem, so it can be done . . . . And the music was tightly synced with the animations and graphics.

I guess try it on a short one first? It might have to do with the computer you’re using? If the computer is running slowly, the animations might slow down? Just a thought.

The music will probably be linked, not embedded, if it’s over a certain size.


It’s probably worth repeating then;

“There’s no way to ACCURATELY sync music in PowerPoint”

In essence PPT is playing the music and the show separately (even when embedded) It does it’s best and can sometimes be pretty close but it won’t be perfectly accurate or reproducable especially (but not only) if you use a different PC.

Thanks guys, all taken on board. The music and pics did sync in the end, but only because of the fact that the PC I did the final version on was very similar power wise to the PC that eventually ran the show. Next time I’ll use a video editing programme and save on stress. Cheers all.


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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