Speech 4 my nana’s funeral

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Speech 4 my nana’s funeral

Speech 4 my nana’s funeral

HI can anyone help me please, my nana died yesterday from pnumonia after suffering a stroke aged 66, which is very young. She died in hospital and i was with her holding her hand till the end, she was asleep and sedated, and was quite peaceful, but as my family hadnt yet arrived(they were 10 mins too late) i couldnt let her die alone. I was quite close to my nana the eldest of her 5 grand daughters , and she had 1 great-grandaughter my 3 year old, her father is stil alive though in hospital having a stroke also, i want to say something personal but not too upset too much and not be selfish and only talk about her as a grandmother she was a mother to 3 sons also, i want to make this a personal contribution from us all and i want to make this speech as i was with her when she passed, and this my first close family death i experienced. I not attended many funerals and really do not know what to say please any help be greatful thank you , Nikki

full with emotion,it’s the ture sound of your heart.

my nan died monday and just say how you loved her and even kno she died think of all the good times you had with her and not all the bad times you had with her and im sooo sorry to hear that she dies


There is no greater privilage in life than being with someone as their life ends.

You held her hand in her last minute, and you held her hand two minutes later.

What changed? She was the same person. Her heart stopped beating, but her spirit continued just the same.

The Bible tells us (and most of the world’s other major religions) that death is of little consequence.

Can a caterpiller imagine how beautiful a butterfly is, or that one day it would leave the earth and fly?

When our earthly bodies become incapable of sustaining life (whether that be through accident, injury, illness or age). God allows us to lay them aside.

He allows us to lay down our old physical bodies, that have confined us to this physical world, and he provides us with a brand new spiritual body with which we can enjoy all the freedom of the spiritual world.

What a privilage to be there at that moment, and to witness your Nana move from the physical world to the spiritual one.

don’t know whether the funeral has been but hopefully you’ll read this with time to spare. I am writing my Grandad’s eulogy at present. I know that I want to say what a wonderful person he was and point out the lovely ways he had but I’ve found that talking to my family, particularly my cousin (his other grand-daughter) has helped give me something to build my speech around, she has also asked me to point out some particular things about him and her memories. Are you able to do a similar thing with your cousins? Other members of the family might have things that they would like said about your Nan. Perhaps there is a certain memory or event that really sums up your Nan’s spirit. I found it has helped to talk out loud as if I was telling a stranger all about my Grandad. Above all express to those at the funeral that it’s important to celebrate a person’s life not mourn their death. She only took a minute to die but she spent 66 years being that wonderful person you all love.


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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