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special poem for a special nan

special poem for a special nan

special poem for a special nan


I lost my Nan at Christmas, which was terrible but then lost my other Nan last week. Nans are so special and will miss them both so much. I am reading a poem at her funeral on Monday and have been searching everywhere for that wonderful poem. Even tho the poems are beautiful, they didnt seem to fit so I wrote one myself. As I have seen, there are so so many of us in the same situation, I thought I would share my poem with others (if they like it!!)

Today we all remember,
A Mum, Nan, sister and friend,
A life that was so special,
But sadly had to end.

You were there when we needed you most,
And go that extra mile,
You’d greet us with a loving hug,
And such a charming smile.

Knowing you were always there,
Was such a piece of mind,
A Mum, Nan, sister and friend,
Truly one of a kind.

You are loved so much by all of us,
Our Mum, sister, friend and Nan,
We’ll try our best to make you proud,
In whatever way we can.

Words are not enough,
To say what I want to say,
Nan, I’ll never forget you,
And remember you every day.

Although we cannot see you,
It doesn’t mean you’ve gone,
Cause we love you and you’re in our thoughts,
Your memory will always live on.

Nan, it’s time now to say goodbye,
You’re someone we’ll always love,
You’ll be missed so dearly,
At peace now – up above.


GREAT poem

hi there i lost my nan last sunday and couldn’t find one to suit wat i wanted to say but ur poem suited exactly how i feel brilliant poem thank you


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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