Say my name like you always did

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Say my name like you always did

Say my name like you always did

This is a nice poem that I found when I was trawling the internet recently

What is Death . . .

Death is nothing.
I just passed to the other side.
I am me and you are you.
What we were to each other, still is.
Use my name like you always did.
Talk to me like you always did.
Don’t use a different tone.
Don’t look so serious or sad.
Keep laughing to things that made us laugh…
Pray. Smile. Think of me.

Let my name be said at home like before,
without special efforts and sadness.
Life signifies what it always signified.
It is still what it was before.
The line is not cut.
Why would I be out of your thoughts because
I am simply out of your sight?

I am waiting for you.
I am not far…just on the other side of the road.
You see, everything is okay.

Author Unknown


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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