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Presentation Skills Book – The Presenter’s Edge (2nd Edition)

Make 2017 the year you transform your presentation skills

I’m excited to announce that the updated version of my book on presentation skills, the The Presenter’s Edge, is very close to launching. It’s been specifically written for people like you who have started to realise the value to be gained from mastering the art of public speaking.

It’s the first in a series of bite-sized business books which are high on valuable content and low on waffle, and it will be available shortly in both paperback and Amazon Kindle format via Amazon and other booksellers.

The Presenter’s Edge covers a range of essential topics including:

  • The most important question you need to ask before starting to prepare a presentation
  • How to choose your content for maximum impact
  • How to structure your speech for maximum influence
  • How to bring your presentation to life with dynamic delivery skills
  • How to engage and involve your audience
  • How to handle questions with confidence
  • How to take control of your nerves.

If you’d like to benefit from the great value launch discounts, pop your details into the form below this post and I’ll add you to my mailing list. Doing so will also secure you a copy of my FREE presentation structure guide to help you plan your next speech, presentation or talk.

If you’ve been putting off polishing your presentation skills then The Presenter’s Edge is a must-have addition to your library for 2017.


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Published On: 5th Jan 2017

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