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Presentation on myself

Presentation on myself

Presentation on myself

i know the only one who knows me best is my self.. but this speech i need to type and present is complicated…. i need help on a speech about myself… i need something like a forum or a outline… my teacher wants it to be detail.. one thing is for sure im not gonna tell random people about myself… My teacher gave us paper on how she wants it…please help me!!! does anyone have like a outline .. for example




things like that PLEASE

A simple outline would be to go through time – you can start when you were born and work forward or you could start now and work backwards

But just presenting a series of facts could be very dull. It would be better to add in some stories about yourself

For example –
“My mother always said that I would be a good cook. I particularly enjoy making pancakes….”
“When I was ten I had an accident where I was shot in the eye with a bow and arrows…”
“I first started collecting stamps when my uncle sent me a letter from France”

This way you are sharing something with other people that they can remeber you by.

I hope that this helps


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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