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Presentation Helper is 5 years old

Presentation Helper is now 5 years old.

Started in 2003 as a bit of a hobby, Presentation Helper has grown to become one of the most popular presentation sites on the Internet.

In the past year alone we have had over 4 million unique visitors to the website with 23 million page views. Take a look at how the site looked in the past and see how fast the traffic has grown.


Jonty Pearce started Presentation Helper in June 2003 as a bit of an experiment, with just a few pages of content, but a desire to add high quality advice – free for all. The site was hand crafted in Dreamweaver.

By the end of the year the site had attracted 47,000 page views.


In 2004 we started to add a lot more areas to the site, such as wedding speeches and a range of hints and tips. There were 794,000 page views in 2004. Nanci produced a banner to go across the top of the site. We started to go up the rank on Google and started to get some good user feedback. We also launched the Presentation Helper Forum.


We brought in the girls at Labrys to give the website a professional design. They did a good job and traffic really started to take off.

4.8 million page views in 2005.


We started to add on more and more free PowerPoint templates to the site.

Traffic continued to grow – increasing about 10% per month to a total of 7.2 million page views.


All of the html on the site had been hand coded and the site was starting to become unwieldy. We started to use WordPress as a Content Management System. This enabled us to publish content much more quickly. By the end of the year we had grown to 14.1 million page views.


We had carried on adding more and more content. We have added in a comments system and are collecting lots of good feedback.

So far this year we have had 12.3 million page views and by year end this is forecast to exceed 27 million.


Published On: 10th Jun 2008

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