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Practical example I took to solve a specific problem

a practical example of the steps i took to solve a specific problem.

a practical example of the steps i took to solve a specific problem.

i have to deliver a 10 minute presentation next week for a job interview with the probation service. I dont know what problem to discuss. can anyone help??!!


Don’t worry – you can do this!

What they will want to see is a demonstration of how you defined the problem and solved the problem. So you’ll need to show them how you went about dealing with the issue through
– identifying the problem
– planning a solution
– communication with others (if applicable)
– taking relevant action taken etc etc

I really wouldn’t get too hung up on the example of the problem itself but here’s a few examples you might be able to use:

A time when you diffused a situation at work.
Had to work out a route to travel to an interview.
Fixed something that was broken – like a plug!
Built a bridge in a teamwork training session.
Completed a puzzle.

You might even want to demonstrate to them how you did this for example…if you took the fixing a plug – you could take a plug and demonstrate how you went through the list above and got the end result …etc? Could be memorable for them!

Maybe you could even use the example that your problem was what to do for this presentation/interview and explain how you went about that!

Good Luck


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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