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PPT not good enough

PPT not good enough

PPT not good enough

I have used powerpoint for some time now and Its just not good enough is there something else?

Alternatives to PowerPoint

For most general business and personal applications PowerPoint is still the easist package to pick up – but it is very limited – particularly in animation.

The best newer package is Macromedia Flash but you need to be a bit of a programmer/ graphic developer to use it. It is also very time consuming. I use Flash to whizz up my presentations – but I do this by embedding it in PowerPoint.

The main alternatives to Powerpoint are

Apple Keynote >

Macromedia Flash

OpenOffice Impress

Macromedia Breeze

Lotus Freelance

You can also use Corel, but I don’t know many people who use this.


A couple more….

Really easy to get to grips with

And not for the faint hearted (in terms of learning how to use it)
It’s still in ‘beta’ phase.



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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