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Party speech

Party speech

Party speech


Tomorrow I am suppose to hold about a speech in any occasion. It could be a wedding, a party or something similar. This is for a schoolproject so I will get a grade at how good i speak.
Now, since I have never done anything like this before i don??t know how I will start the speech, finish it, or even what I should talk about.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me and give me some tips on what i can say and so on.

Thanks in advance

edit; sorry, i just saw that there was a speech category.

The main thing to remember is to give your speech a beginning, a middle and an end and when you deliver don’t say it too quickly – give the listeners a chance to take in what you’re saying.


Thans Serena!

Anyone got some more tips? I am open for any ideas, just bring ’em on.

If you still need help writing your speech some good ideas might be to acutally visualize yourself in the moment. If you’re at a wedding and your sister or brother is getting married wouldn’t you have some “fun memories” to speak about? Would you get choked up when talking about those memories. Or if you were at a funeral and you have to talk, wouldn’t you be upset or would you be happy? The easiest way to get an A on a speech like that is to actually put yourself in the moment. Make the speech live.


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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