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Nudge Object settings?

Nudge Object settings?

Nudge Object settings?

I’ve noticed that in some files I work on, if you select an object and use the arrow keys to nudge it around, you can move it in very tiny amounts (.01″), and on other files, you can only move it by .1″ at a time. This can be very annoying when I’m trying to line things up visually and they jump 1/10 of an inch at a time. I know I can go through the hassle of choosing “Format Object” and setting the Horizontal and/or Vertical position to an exact amount… but I would rather like to know why some files allow tiny nudges and some do not. Is there some setting I can’t find to change this? It seems that the ones that allow tiny nudges are always ones that have been sent to me. When I start a new presentation, it never allows small nudges.

Any advice?




Have a look on the ‘draw’ menu of powerpoint for something called ‘grids’.

On there you can turn on something called the ‘snap on grid’.

It’s great for positioning objects on your slides.

Also the CTRL and SHIFT key also help with positioning.




Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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