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new to this and need help "buisness to buisness sales"

new to this and need help “buisness to buisness sales”

new to this and need help “buisness to buisness sales”

I’ve got to do this by tuesday! i dont know what i’m doing! the title is :’Why I am interested in a career in business to business sales and why I think I am suitable’ its meant to be 3 mins spoken.

to which i havent a clue really. i want to job becuase its worth more money, which means i can afford to do more fun things with my son. currently i’m a mcdonalds worker, but i know i’ve more skills than this.
i really need help, asap please! prettttty please

this is a quote from the email thats meant to help me write this presentation
Your presentation is an important part of the Interview and Selection day as it is a great opportunity for you to shine and display your presentation skills.

The presentation is designed to show our assessors what you would be like in a sales position. It is an opportunity for you to tell us who you are, why you are different and to really sell yourself.

The duration of the presentation is 3 minutes long and you will only be allowed one minute to set up for your presentation visuals.

Some Pointers:

– Do not drift from the subject. Simply tell us why you are interested in sales and why you would be suited to a sales role. (It’s you and why you’re interested that interests us.)

– Keep within the stated time limits. Ensure your presentation is not too short or too long either!

– Prepare for the presentation. Do not arrive at the assessment day without preparing for it. We have an overhead projector (for transparencies not Power Point) or a flip chart that will be available to use if you wish. All visuals must be prepared before you arrive for the assessment day, including flip chart visuals.

– Practice It. Make sure you are confident enough to talk freely and make plenty of eye contact.

– Do not read your presentation. We want to see the real you – not a prepared speech.

– Relax. We want you to enjoy yourself as much as possible! You’ll only be presenting to 3 to 4 people.

– Be Smart. You are required to attend the day in business dress, keep your suit jackets on! Do not become too relaxed in the way you look.


How did it go

How did it go? I got this interview on thursday. And dont have a clue what to say. What did you do. What worked or didnt. Thanks


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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