New eBook: How to make Microsoft PowerPoint work for you

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For those of you looking to improve your presentation, then a new eBook may be of interest.

It is called “How to make Microsoft PowerPoint work for you”.  The book is written by Duncan Perberdy and Jane Hammersley, who authored another book called “Brilliant Meetings”.

The book is not aimed at how to control the technicalities of templates and clipart, but instead focuses on providing you with hints and tips for delivering better presentations supported by PowerPoint.

There are a range of questions included which make you think about the best way to deliver your presentation. I particularly liked these three questions:

  • Are the audience willing attendees or obliged to attend?
  • Can you tell your story in 10 slides?
  • Why should your audience get involved?  or “what’s in it for them?”

“How to make Microsoft PowerPoint work for you” is published by Destiny Publishing, is 85 pages long and costs £9.99.

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Published On: 8th Aug 2011

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