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Need interactive presentation ideas on Feminist Art

Need interactive presentation ideas

Need interactive presentation ideas


I’m doing a class presentation on Feminist Art and have to talk about what it is and how it can be implemented in a teaching area. The talk is to future teachers at the university level.

I’m not sure how to approach this and keep it fun and interesting for everybody. I’m with a partner and we have 25 minutes to present. It’s not very long to do a hand-on activity so we ruled that out.

We are planning on doing a powerpoint presentation talking about the 3 waves of feminism and how they interact with feminist art. Other than that direction, we haven’t come up with a really good idea on how/what to present.

Thanks for any help.

A couple of obvious points

You’re on to a winner here with it being about art – visuals should be pretty easy to come by so you can avoid bullet-points completely, I’d suggest.

The other upside is that 25 minutes is long enough to get over three big points so long as you don’t try and do two much detail on each. The fact that there are (apparently!) three waves of feminism is a nice coincidence for you there!

My inclination would be to not get too flashy or technical here ‘cos you’ve got those advantages on your side; instead just do the competent thing of doing it in chronological order etc.

Importantly though it would be useful for the audience to know exactly where they were in the presentation – that is which wave they were in. I say that because it’s always a good idea to keep the context in an audience’s head but also because in my experience, waves and things begin to sound very similar to each other very quickly if you’re not careful! It might be useful to keep the wave number in the top left hand corner of the presentation all the time… or even keep the names of all three waves on the left side of all the screen, but with the one you’re talking about in bold and the others greyed out.

A completely radical alternative is to do it by theme, not chronology. Are there themes that the waves have (or don’t have!) in common. For example, was one of them driven by Americans, one by Europeans, one by older women…? Something like that?

That approach is more problematic technically, but if you can pull it off it’s more useful, perhaps. Which you go for depends on how much you expect your audience to know in advance and how skilled you and your partner are as presenters.

Either way, swap presenters when you swap wave/theme.



yes friend. you right.Thanks for sharing information.



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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