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Last minute presentation interview

Last minute presentation interview

Last minute presentation interview

I hope you can help me, I have a job interview on the day after tomorrow, I know its not long, but have just been told today I need to do a 5 minute presentation, the subject is – My pop Idol is……..

I have chosen John Lennon, So I need to try and present john Lennon and I don’t know where to start, I know a lot about his life but I just don’t know how to do this. Please help me?

Kind Regards

Here are a few quick ideas – sorry I’d put in more but I am in a bit of a rush!

Work on the rule of three – people remember three things

Use pictures – there is a lot available on the web

Be memorable – people know a lot about John Lennon – so why not include some interesting but little known facts.

But above all rehearse what you are going to say. Speak it out loud at least 4 times – one of which should be in front of a real audience – family friends etc.

Good luck

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you I got the job!!!!!

Wonderful news congratulations.

What sort of job was it?

Any chance that you could write a couple of sentences about what you did – so that I can add them to the web site?

Thank you very much for your help
I am a operations training delivery specialist, sounds a bit posh! In a very large company.

I’m a trainer, I will be delivering a training package to the new starters, anything up to 20 people, I’ts a 17 day course. Identifying any gaps, dealing with management issues, such as timekeeping and things like that, I’m all excited.
So I needed to be able to do the presentation so they could see how I would conduct myself!

I impressed them with my flip chart, I just printed some pictures from the internet stuck them to a pad and on the reverse I wrote prompts, so I would’nt forget anything!!!!

I started by saying my pop idol is……., to introduce the presentation I’m going to talk about his childhood, career right up to his tragic death!! (the rule of three) I went through the presentation with my flip pad, then said “so to summarise my pop idol is John Lennon because I admired the way he used his talent to help others, and not just for his own personal gain, especially considering his own difficult upbringing”.
I made it heart warming.

Then I practised, I think this is the key.
I practised in front of my husband, my brother in law, my 12 year old daughter.
Then my 4 year old son on the day, he wasn’t impressed, he just wanted me to put the telly on.

I blew their socks off!! he he

I had been researching all day on the internet, and just decided to search for 5 minute presentation in google and it came up with your web site, I thought I had struck gold.

When they gave me the feedback on my interview, they said I was the first person to use any materials, the flip pad impressed them!!
When I answered any questions I was short but direct, and answered a lot of questions in 1 answer, which is what they want from a deliverer, they don’t want someone to waffle on for ages; you’re never going to get your point across, especially when you only have so much time to do it in.

Definitely could not have done it without your help

Thank you again

Kindest Regards

Competition interview presentation

Hello! I was wondering if anyone can help me or has experience in this. I am competing for the ontario internship program and did well in all steps thank god now i got selected for an interview. They will ask me to do a 5-min presentation and 30 mins to prepare it. Can anyone give me any suggestions?
Thanks a bunch.

Presentation advice required please.

Presentation advice required please.

Hi guys, i’m new to the forum so firstly a big hello

I have a job interview in a couple of weeks and have got to give a presentation so wondered if anyone might be able to give some advice.

The role is Performance and Projects Manager in a service that deals with provision of facilities and support for children and more generally learning for all ages.

The presentation has to be a response to the question: “How would you tackle the key performance related challenges facing the department?”

The area that this department covers is very broad and although I do have some experience in project management, and some experience of working in education, I don’t really know what this department does and their website is very vague. Therefore I am really struggling to see how I could tackle challenges when I don’t know what the challenges are?

Any suggestions where to start please?

Thanks for your help

Best option: Ask them

I learned a lesson very early on in my interviewing career . . . ask them what the key issues are. It will show them that you are willing to take the initiative to get the right information before you start to work on a solution. Call your contact at the company and ask what the key challenges are . . . and remember, you’re not asking them for the answer, but for a clarification of the question. A company worth working for will appreciate your initiative.



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