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interview presentation – unknown subject

interview presentation – unknown subject

interview presentation – unknown subject

Hi, this is the first time i have had to do a presentation and have been told that i will be give a company scenario and have 30 mins to prepare for a 10 minute presentation.

All I know is that it is a pharmacetical company who are having problems regarding various things. Can someone please advise on the best way forward for this.

A flip chart will be provided and clip board.

Thanks in advance

The first rule of designing presentations is….

…..don’t rush in. No matter how anxious you might feel (it’s an interview after all), don’t be tempted to start jotting things down straight away. Sit and think for a good while before you start to put pen to paper for your presentation.

While you’re thinking, what you’re trying to do is answer these three questions:
1/ what does my audience know;
2/ what does my audience need to know by the end of my presentations;
3/ what do I need to tell them (therefore)

Then when you’ve got your answer to question number three ask yourself a final questions

4/ what’s the best way to tell people this information

Then, and only then, are you ready to start actually “writing” your presentation.

It’s a technique we teach/use on our public presentation skills training courses and participants are always resistant at first because they want to start writing straight away but always (by once!) amazed by how much better their presentations are when they use the four question approach above.


Hi Juls,

I know it’s a scary prospect, but you will be fine! I’m a Senior Consultant a the Aziz Corporation, and I can offer some advice.

30 minutes is ample time to prepare your presentation provided you keep a clear head and follow the Aziz Methodolgy by asking yourself these questions:
1/ Who is the audience?
2/ What do they want to hear?
3/ What do you want to say?
4/ Where is the overlap?
5/ How will you know if you’ve been successful?

The place to start your presentation is at question 4… you must catch the audience’s attention by saying something they will be interested in.

Hope this is a helpful starting point,




Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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