Interview presentation – Open Topic

Interview presentation – Open Topic

Dear Sir/madam

I have a second interview in 2 days, I have been asked to give a sales presentation on an open topic (anything, as long as i sell something, even a holiday as suggested by interviewer).

Employer is a Marketing company, the job role is for a New Business Sales/Marketing Executive, (office and field based) generating leads & client sales presentations.

Do i..
1, Produce a presentation on any topic ie. Holidays of which i know little about or.
2, Produce a presentation selling ‘myself’ to the employer as a marketing/sales tool for the employer, as my demonstration of skills & qualities used are relevant to the services i will be offering their customers.

I also haven’t been given a time limit ?

Thankyou for your help. NK


Dear Doctor

Well, I had the interview today and produce a presentation on selling ‘myself’, I couldn’t have whished for a better presentation it was fantastic. Selling yourself isn’t the easiest thing to do, but with guidance from your website, and help from my family, “I blew their socks off”.

Your website and links are very helpful and informative, by far the best I’ve seen. My advice to anyone selling himself or herself would be;

– Ask family or friends to describe you.
– Identify and list your skill set, in relevance to the employer.
– Less is more.
– Rehearse
– Close the sale

Ill know if in a few days if I get the job.

Thank you for having such a good site.



Sorry that I couldn’t get to you sooner.

You do need to pick a topic that you are passionate about.

You do also need to produce a presentation that demonstrates your skills – and hence selling yourself to the employer.

A good way would be to find out about your best attributes. This can be done by asking friends and family. You then need to show a way of demonstrating this to others – often working thorugh some examples can work well.

As regards the time – around 15 minutes can work well. You need to keep it punchy. No one ever complained of a presentation being too short!

Thanks Doctor, Thats sound advice.

You may have seen my other post’s on your site, i got the job.

You site has been very helpfull.

Thenks again.




Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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