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Images in Presentations

Images in Presentations

Images in Presentations

I have an interview tomorrow and have been asked to prepare a 5-10 minute presentation in any subject!!
I decided to go for stock control, its related to the job and I can talk about it, but I notice you mention that the use of images is important, I have a few pictures but they are all cartoon like, my concern is that that they may not be suitable for a business presentation.

Any thoughts??


Using images will increase message retention so it is best to use them where you can.

I wouldn’t worry too much about them being cartoon images.

The other alternative may be to find some images on Google image search

You should ask for permission from the site owners.

Kind regards

I got the job


Thanks for your help and advice, what a great website. I was congratulated on my presentation and I got offered the job on the spot and start on Wednesday.

Thanks Again

Thanks for the feedback

Always nice to hear of the advice making a difference

Many thanks



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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