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Ideas for Presentation / Speech Opening.

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Ideas for Presentation / Speech Opening.

Ideas for Presentation / Speech Opening.

Dear All,

Hi All

I am supposed to give a presentation / Speech, as an activity for Effective Communication.

The topic I’ve chosen is: Education and it’s role in Success
The Theme is: Education is NOT Essential to Be Successful

As a guideline, I should pick a topic which is arguable and I believe the above topic is quite exciting. I guess I will be refining the topic and theme better to suit a niche context once i’ve built my presentation. (i.e – What type of education, Success or Achievement etc..)

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to Start / Open the speech / presentation. The Entry should captivate the audience and keep them plugged in. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to start with a story, but I am not sure what story I should tell. Perhaps I should start in some other way?

The body would contain the shortcomings of education and how it limits thinking out of the box etc. It also would contain numerous examples like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Bradson etc.

The desired response is not to make the audience quit their education, but for them to realize that Experience and being street-smart is very important, Perhaps more important that having education itself.


Any Suggestions for a strong opening story? Or perhaps some other idea?
Any Suggestion for a strong closing?


Are you allowed to use PowerPoint?

If so, start in silence (if you dare…. or more likely music) with a slideshow of photographs of people who’ve been sucessful without education. Start with early American Presidents. Include current sports stars etc. Einstein is your obvious example there.

Personally I’d go one step further and fade between these pics (which need to be big, bold and iconic) with a simple statement about them such as “Left school at 12” or “failed his exams”.

If you time it right it could be very dramatic.



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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