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How to write a funny speech – Part 1

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Understanding how to deliver a speech well will make you feel good, but being able to weave humour into any speech will get you noticed. Today we expect speakers to entertain as well as inform us, so understanding how to write a funny speech is an essential skill for aspiring presenters. This is the first in a series of short articles designed to help you learn the secret of weaving humour into your speeches.


The best way to introduce fun into a speech is by telling stories. And the best kind of stories are personal ones. Speakers who do this get the most laughs and make the most impact. Human beings have passed on information through storytelling since the dawn of time and, as a result, our brains are programmed to listen to and absorb stories better than any other form of information. When it comes to writing a humorous speech, think of it in terms of a story.


The structure of stories has been studied and analysed for centuries, and one of the most powerful story forms is known as “The Hero’s Journey.” In a nutshell, it can be described as “Who wants what, what stops them from getting it, and how do they get it anyway?”

For example, in a business presentation, the “hero” could be a customer who wants to do something but cannot because of a problem. Your product or service is the solution, and you can show how, by using it, the hero achieves their desired goal.


If you are alive, then you have inevitably had experiences from which you have learned a wealth of things. What’s more, many of these experiences will have a humorous element to them and so can be used to help make your messages funny and memorable. Everyone has such stories, and everyone shares them with family, friends and sometimes colleagues, but most people do not bother to record them.

If you want to know how to write a funny speech, then you need to start by writing your personal experiences down. It doesn’t matter if it’s on paper in a notebook or online via your mobile phone, tablet or computer. The important thing is that you start to capture these experiences so that you can mine them for material. That’s an essential part of how to write a funny speech.

Tip: Start capturing stories TODAY. Don’t worry if you can’t remember all the details. I usually start by brainstorming ideas using a mind map. One or two words is often enough to trigger our memories. The details can be added later, and I’ll be speaking more about this in the next post.


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Published On: 30th Sep 2016

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