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How to save music in a presentation ?

How to save music in a presentation ?

How to save music in a presentation ?

My pp v.2003 , My os XP Using for viewer via email
I do a presentation with images and music.I’t done wery well . But my recipients email can not hear music ! Then I check my presentation in my PC ,i still hear music.If i delete the music, i can not hear anymore.
A friend tell me that in Option of my Presentation. Option –> General..i shoud increase the value in Box :LINK SOUND WITH THE SIZE GREATER THEN ..the size of my music file.I did so, but still i cannot hear music if this music is not in my Musics or Documents.
Please tell me how to do to fix this problem.

This is called ’embedding’ sounds. You can only embed WAV-files, no MP3. The problem with that is that WAV files are usually bigger. You can only embed WAV files with a max of 50 MB’s.

The problem you describe has to do with broken links. If you ‘link’ to a file it will work on your pc, but not on someone else’s pc, because PP can’t link to the file. There is a solution for this:

Or you could try to put all the audio files in the same folder as the Powerpoint file. Good luck!

How do you add sounds into a powerpoint presentation?

I have always wondered how to do that?

If you want to embed the sounds into the PowerPoint file, you should make sure all of your sounds are in WAV-format. You cannot embed MP3 sounds.
PowerPoint’s standard size for embedding audio files is 100 kb. Every file that’s larger in size than 100 kb will not be embedded but linked to.

You can however manually change this. Go to ‘tool’, ‘options’ and the ‘general’ tab. There you can change the maximum size of your audio files to be embedded to a maximum of 50 MB (50.000 kb).

Should you want to link to your audio files instead of embedding them, then you’ll have to make sure the audio files are in the same directory as the PowerPoint file. When you put your presentation on e.g. a cd-rom, chances are the linked audio files will not play when you open the presentation on a different computer. This is because PowerPoint ‘forgets’ where the linked files are. The solution to this is either to embed all the sounds, or to try this little plugin:

It removes the paths to the audio files so they will play no matter where or how you open your presentation.
Works like a charm for me.

Thanks John you have been a great help. I have been trying for a long time until I read your advise and Bingo my problem was solved.
“PowerPoint’s standard size for embedding audio files is 100 kb.”
Thanks again


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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