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How to automatically create your PowerPoint Presentation

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Creating a presentation that has impact and gets the message across is not always achieved easily or quickly.  Finding images that enhance and reinforce your text can be a tricky business.  Not to mention editing the text.

Alan Cooke looks at this free utility that automatically designs your presentations.

VisualBee puts a vast library of images and presentation enhancements right at you fingertips and it does a brilliant job of it, too.  Now you can concentrate on your copy, and once that is done you’re just one click away from letting VisualBee do the rest.

Because VisualBee is a ‘Plugin’ / ‘Addin’ it adds a new dedicated tab to the ribbon; it is integrated within PowerPoint.

image of ribbon

textAs you can see, there is a comprehensive set of options.  ‘Enhance Presentation’ is where it all happens.  After you have created your slides with no images, graphics, etc. click this button and VisualBee gets to work.  Using your text as keywords (at least, that is how I think it works) you simply click the ‘Bee’ and you are logged in and a range of templates is displayed to choose from.  As you can see, there is a choice of ‘Free’ and ‘Premium’ styles.

option for free or premium styles

Select your ‘Style’ and VisualBee searches the graphics library choosing images that best match the copy.  After a few seconds of processing your text the style and images are added to your slides.  For example, the jigsaw slide here has the following text “Increased flexibility for the power users including extensive design choice, a private image library, and brand management.”  The image selected has clearly been based on the text.  In another slide VisualBee chose a graphic incorporating the RSS feed icon for a slide I added text to that used the word ‘Share’.

example slides

You are not stuck with the Bee’s choice though.

If you are not happy you can ‘Re-Enhance’ the presentation.  You can change slides individually if you wish from the vast library of images on the website.  Naturally, you can add your own images as well.  Furthermore, you can upload your own logo and templates to the VisualBee website.  These features are only available in the Premium version of VisualBee, however.

store your branded templates

Once you have registered and have an account you can upload your logo and store all your templates, etc. on the VisualBee website.  When you run ‘Enhance’, your logo, images and templates will be included in the ‘Enhancement’ process.

Social media – an essential element

VisualBee is fully integrated with Facebook and other social media websites such as Twitter.  Sharing your presentation on FaceBook, for example, is a simple matter.  If you are familiar with ‘Sharing’ on Facebook, doing so with your presentation will come naturally. Here is a screenshot of my shared test presentation.

screenshot of shared test presentation

screenshot of shared presentation

VisualBee is going to be a great package for the Presentation ‘power’ user and comes with a vast array of features and useful tools providing even more versatility and power for an already great application.

Click here to download VisualBee.

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A veritable hive of features.


Published On: 3rd Aug 2011

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