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How start a presentation

How start a presentation

How start a presentation


I have a presentation to prepar. It is my first.
I am preparing my speech but I can find the best sentence to start my presentation.
Shall I start by : “First, I want to thank you for you presence” or directly I say : “In this presentation I will try to introduce…” ????

Thank you for your help.


What is the presentation going to be about?
You could start with an evocative image to immediately interact with the audience and get their attention. This is a fresh way to start a living presentation and not starting with the usual introduction stuff.

From Cliff’s article:

Tip: Try turning your PowerPoint approach inside out. The next time you make a presentation, replace one of your usual bulleted lists with a new slide that contains only a simple image on a blank background. When you show the slide to your audience, ask them a question about it. Listen to their response, repeat it back, and tailor your talk to what you heard. If you’ve managed to draw forth any information that helps you adapt and adust your dialogue with your audience, you’re well on your way to evoking communication success.


I really appreciate the tips and plan to use them

I think you kind of have a good idea on how to attract the audience. Most audiences like when you greet them or show them some kind of attention, because it, somewhat, lets them know that they matter. I think you should start off with the “thank you” idea, because with their responses it would kind of break the ice since it’s your first time. I would do it that way because i am very nervous when it comes to speaking with an audience, and if they respond and give some feedback, it would give me a sense of relief.

start with the title page then maybe the abstract the read out the outline

first time presentation!!!!!

please can someone help me.

i have got my 1st interview and i have to do a presentation for 10mins . how cruelis that,

i need to do it on the furture of sheltered housing!!!!!

please please help
thanks x

first time presentation!!!!!

please can someone help me.

i have got my 1st interview and i have to do a presentation for 10mins . how cruelis that,

i need to do it on the furture of sheltered housing!!!!!

please please help
thanks x

I would start out with a startling statistic, or something about the housing that most people would not know about, and would find interesting. You need to start out with an ATTENTION grabber.

Well, I wouldn’t worry about the beginning first. You should first worry about the content of the presentation, what you want to communicate to the audience, what is your core message?
Then you should create a presentation based on your core message, you should be very clear of what you want to say.

After you have finished all that, then you should worry about the beginning. But as a tip for the first few sentences: I would thank everyone for showing up and that they took time to listen to your talk.



The wheel

How to begin addressing a gathering in school

I need help with an presentation

please can someone help me…i have to do an presentation in front of 12 students…the presentation can be of any topic and between 2-3 min long…i can not have it on paper only index card…and i will need an visual aid or some sort of photo..i can not come up wioth anything and its due october 28, 2009…please help me….

First pick your topic

You need to first pick your topic

We have a couple of pages that may help – Persuasive speech topic or Informative speech topic


thank’s for help

Start a presentation for University students

Hi !

I have to do a study abroad presentation for Asian university students. They tend to be a bit shy and i’m looking for some tips on the best ways to start a presentation, engage them and catch their attention from the start.

Thanks for your help,


attention grubber

Hi I need ahlep .I need attention grubber to start my presentaion that’s talk about high heels. please

Acai Optimum

the presentation is more for the student who is reporting than the students listening. the teacher is assured that the student learns someting from the subject and it may only be the topic that the reporter was assigned.



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    i have to defense my case study this coming april 6 2016 , and i need a tips or advise how to greet my panelist formally ?

    cess 29 Mar at 5:09 am
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