HELP! 21st Speech for twins!

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HELP! 21st Speech for twins!

HELP! 21st Speech for twins!

I’ve been reading a few different forums/posts for ideas on how to do a 21st speech for my friends. I don’t want it to be boring to run way too long! I’ve read about the ‘video speech’, ‘poem speech’ and the ‘ A- Z about ____’ (This 1 i really liked the idea of) BUT the speech is for twins! The 2 girls are having their birthday on the same night, and I’ve been best friends with BOTH of them for 10years. I’m really nervous and have no idea what to do to make it interesting and to add structure to the speech. It’s just hard because I’m doing it for 2 people at once! Please help me with ideas?!

Awsome Idea

Maybe you should talk about your awsome boyfreind and then the twins will like “Woah this girl has an awsome boyfreind, that must mean she is awsome too, which means we are awsome, what an awsome speech Vikkiy7 has written! Thanks Vikki!” end scenario. Sound like a good idea?


Thanks Stevie87. I could do that but then they might realise how awesome my boyfriend is and steal him off me. Also they would hate it if I spoke about myself (and my awesomeness) and my awesome-ish boyfriend.

Seriously. I need help with this. 2 more sleeps till I have to do it!!

The structure is the same even if they are twins.

Keep the speech under 5 minutes and focus on one characteristic of each daughter.

If you want to add humor you can even talk about a character flaw.

For example, your daughter is a shopaholic, spends lot of time on the phone etc.

Intro: Who you are
Body: A brief story highlighting one character trait about each girl
Conclusion – best bet is to use a good quotation about aging.


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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