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HELP!!! 2 minute presentation for holiday rep job

HELP!!! 2 minute presentation for holiday rep job

HELP!!! 2 minute presentation for holiday rep job

I reeeeeeeeally need help on organising my presentation for a holiday rep job. It’s a group interview with a 2 minute presentation each.
It has to be about a household product, item of clothing or service, something i cant live without, as well as gathering further company branded information. I have been asked to identify all the selling points of the product

I’m stuck with ideas of what to use and how to do it as ive never had to do one before. Can anybody help????

I might suggest that you investigate the qualities that the company represents or more importantly the qualities that they describe in their job advertisement, and find a product that you think represents that. Or minimum, give those as reasons for liking the product.

By doing this it says you value the same properties as them, making you ideal for the role.

Obviously you would not pick a bottle of vodka if you were going to work for a family firm, or a novel for club 18-30!


Thanks for your help, I’ve managed to put a power point slide show together about my hair brush lol! wanted to make it amusing and seeing as though its something i cant live without I have also been able to add a few amusing pics to it, just to show that i do have a sense of humour.

But thanks again

ok so maybe not……

Well my power point presentation was a complete failure, just been in contact with the recruitment team and apparently they dont have the facilities or time for a powerpoint presentation, so got to do it all over again with a day to spare lol!! Im going totally out of my mind here!

Think of the facilities you will have when say, you have your introductory meeting for all your guests, thats the kind of presentation you should be doing. I don’t think i ahve been to an introductory meetingw ith presentation.


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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