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Got The Job

Got The Job

Hi Doctor,

Just writing to say THANK YOU so much.

Firstly I had to do a presentation (5 min) of my choice and followed your tips etc to make it good (especially the 3 subject thing). Anyway that got me through the first round and then for the second interview, a 15 min presentation.

I followed the 3 title rule again, added pictures and kept the slides brief and did the talk – well anyway, just to let you know, I got the job.

And its one hell of a good job, so I can’t thank you enough, without looking on this site I’d of probably of never have got past the first round.

Thanks once again.

Thank You!

Did you notice that you have used “Thank You!” also three times. I am sure this is a very powerful method. just like 123 like we all know.
All the best.
Niranjan Sri lanka


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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