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Looking for a free download of Microsoft Word software? Depending on what you want to do with your word processing software there are a number of things that you can do for free.

View Word files
If you simply wish to view and print out Word files that someone has sent, a free Microsoft Word viewer is available for download. Click the link below to visit the download page.


Microsoft Office free trial
If you need to create and edit new documents, or use more advanced word-processing features, Microsoft Office 2010 (which includes MS Word as well as PowerPoint and Excel) can be trialled free for 60 days. Click the link below to download the free trial.


There is also a separate edition for students.

Use Office online
Many of the features of Microsoft Word can now be used for free online. Microsoft Office Live contains stripped-down versions of the full software. Anyone with a Windows Live account can edit, share, download and upload documents online. Click the link below to use Microsoft Office Live.


open-officeOpenOffice – a free alternative
A full version of Word costs several hundred pounds, but there are free alternatives available. OpenOffice is a full suite of free, open-source programs, including a word processor called Writer. It also has useful spreadsheet and presentation software.

OpenOffice has most of the functions of Microsoft Office, and in some cases, additional features. Since it is open source, a large community of developers constantly work on updates and additions, all available for free download.


Google Docs


Google also has an online office suite with a word-processing function.

Google Docs (known to many as Google Office) allows users to create, edit, share and export documents in a variety of formats. Like Office Live, Google Docs is a hosted service – all your documents are stored online, enabling you to access them from any computer with a web connection.

The service is free and available to anyone with a Google account.



Published On: 22nd Dec 2010

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