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Spreadsheet software can be expensive and we are often asked where we can obtain a ‘Free Excel download’. Luckily there are a range of free spreadsheet solutions for those on a budget.

View Excel files

Microsoft Excel viewer allows spreadsheet files to be viewed and printed on computers that don’t have the full version of the program.

If you don’t need to create or edit spreadsheets, this could be the easiest option. It is free to download.

Click the link below to visit the download page.


office-liveUse Office Online for free

Microsoft Office Live is an online version of Microsoft Office. It allows users to edit, share, download and upload documents online, and is available to anyone with a Windows Live account. Spreadsheets can be created in the stripped-down version of Excel.

Click the link below to use Microsoft Office Live.


Free trial version of Excel 2010

Microsoft offers a trial version of Microsoft Office 2010, including Excel. It is fully-featured and completely free for 60 days, and if you need to create and edit spreadsheets then it may be a good option.

It also features all the advanced spreadsheet tools of the full version.

Click below for the free trial.


OpenOffice – a free alternative

There are free alternatives to the expensive Microsoft Excel software. One of the best is OpenOffice, which offers a range of office programs including a spreadsheet application called Calculator. It also has useful word processing and presentation software.

Calculator is very similar to Excel, and superior in some functions. It also benefits from the open-source nature of OpenOffice, which allows a community of users to build and share their own modifications to the original software.

Click on the link below to download OpenOffice.


Google Docs


Google Docs is a hosted service similar to Microsoft Office Live, and stores all documents online. This allows them to be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

Using an interface very similar to Excel, Google Docs allows users to create, edit, share and export spreadsheet documents in a variety of formats.

Google also has an online office suite with word processing and presentation functions. It is free and can be used by anyone with a Google account.


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Published On: 10th Jan 2011

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