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England’s Demise Can Help You To Become A Great Presenter

It’s been a week, a whole week since an entire nation tuned in and the entire England team tuned out against Iceland. Like every other English football loving person, I have been left feeling dejected, embarrassed and quite frankly let down by Roy Hodgson and the entire England team that took to the pitch last week.

But by looking at where England went wrong, you can actually help yourself become a great presenter…

England didn’t research the opposition properly…

I heard on 5 Live this morning that Roy Hodgson was on a luxury pleasure cruise during Iceland’s final group match instead of scouting them in person. Shocking news after watching them field the same team and the same very specific tactics that saw them score two very easy goals against England.

The same goes for presentations, how do you know what tone to take if you don’t think about your audience? Is there something current that is affecting how they’ll think about what you have to say? Are you making it absolutely clear that your solution, product or idea is going to solve their specific problem?

England didn’t respect the opportunity…

They didn’t bother researching the opposition thoroughly because they didn’t respect the opportunity…

Just like with an important presentation, you must give it the respect it deserves. It’s this respect that gives you the focus and motivation to do all of the required hard work before the main event.

England overconfidently thought they would easily beat Iceland (apparently, assistant manager Gary Neville was jumping for joy when news broke that Iceland would be our opponent instead of Portugal), but this overconfidence was actually England’s main downfall as it meant…

England didn’t perform at their moment of truth…

When the time came to shine, England turned up for exactly 4 minutes before falling to pieces.

Once the second Iceland goal went in, England probably couldn’t have scored an equaliser if they were still playing now. But their poor performance was born out of a fear factor caused by conceding goals which were totally preventable if they had done their homework and prepared for how Iceland play in the first place.

When it comes to your moment of truth as a presenter and it’s time to stand and deliver your presentation, it’s never been more important to have done your groundwork, planning and research.

You might be thinking there are people out there who can just do it. It doesn’t matter if their slides look like a child made them, they have that ability to talk the talk.

And that’s fine, but if they haven’t done their homework and they say something woefully inaccurate or unknowingly offensive to the listening audience, they might be looking dreadful and not even knowing why.

Then there are those of us who don’t like public speaking. This will always go a lot better if you’ve planned properly and rehearsed, rehearsed and erm, rehearsed. That’s when these presenters both stand out and find presenting at its easiest.

But you’re only going to be in this happy position if you…

THINK: Respect the opportunity… (which means you will)
ACT: Research your audience properly… (which means you will be better placed to)
DELIVER: Perform at your moment of truth…

Hopefully, the next manager of England will follow these simple steps and get it right…

This blog post has been re-published by kind permission of Simon Morton – View the original post .


Published On: 7th Jul 2016

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