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Dad’s dying of cancer

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Dad’s dying of cancer

Dad’s dying of cancer


My dad’s been dignosed with lung cancer and I want to write something special for his eulogy. I know that when he does pass away I wont be able to do this so I want to do it before. Call me strange.

So any help on how to write a nice eulogy or any relavent poems for my dad would be greatly apprieiated.

My dad suffered a motorcycle accident in 2001 which left him with brain injuries, and made him a changed man. He is into motorbikes.



Hello i am very srry to hear about ur dad. my dad past away last year from cancer. i hope u keep strong for the both of u and make shure u tell him u love him every chance u get because when he is gone u cant.


there are so many things that you can write about your dad remeber him before the accident how he made you feel. When you were lil . Im sorry hes dying of cancer so ‘s mine and i cant cope . i feel so alone
I need to know before i go ,
will it change the wheather,
i need to know before i go,
will it make things better,
i need to know before i go,
and cut the final tather,
i need to know before i go.
will you remeber me forever.
A poem my dad wrote yesterday.


I have been diagnosed with bowel cancer ……….I am a dad (56) my grown up children give me hope and if the end comes hapiness in knowing they loved me …so ………..If you love your Dad tell him NOW


my dad too

my dad was diagnosed with liver cancer last june. i now tell him i love him every single day. i feel for your children and for you. i cry everyday but i remember to smile as well.

death and coping with it

It’s better that people don’t live forever – we get the time that we get, we live, we learn, we pass the baton on, I can see how temporary this life is, this body it’s here for a certain amount of time – a cosmic blink of an eye, if that.

Dying creates space for new growth, new life – like forests with trees that fall, rot, new trees grow – procession.

But the pain left for the living is far greater than that felt by the dead, im 64 years old and have terminal cancer, less than 6 months to live, ive learnt to embrace death as a close friend not as an enemy.

Ive had a good life and try not to think about the past to much, like when i was a teenager in 1961 hanging out with my mates down the pub, propping up the jukebox and trying to catch the attention of a young lady, or sat out in my garden in the sunshine with my leather jacket on lol, working at the timber yard thinking what it would be like to be rich, what the future would be like, wanting to grow up and do things and i grew up like we all do, i look at the old photos and think what fun it was, then i get upset so i try to not remember, i just hope death catches me when im asleep and its painless…

God has provided a physical body with which to live this physical life,
but eventually, through age, infirmity, injury or illness,
our body becomes so worn or damaged that it is no longer capable of sustaining our life.

At that moment, God allows us to lay our physical bodies down,
and he provides us with a new, Spiritual, Body.

Our physical body is confined by time.
We are confined to our physical limits.
We only get a fleeting glimpse of things spiritual.

Our new, Spiritual, Body has no limits.
We are able to see the fullness of Spiritual things.
The fullness of God’s love.
The fullness of God’s joy.
The fullness of God’s peace.

So we are not sad because of the death of our loved one
but we are sad because of our loss, not theirs.

Within the limits of your physical bodies,
within the limits of your physical experience,
I pray that you will receive a glimpse of
the love, joy, and peace of God
that now surrounds and in-fills your loved one.

Dick Underwood 2008

I am very sorry to hear about your dad i am 13 and my dad died june 14th 2008.. i know you probably think that hey shes 13 how could she have som advice tht is acctually good… well ive been through alot in my life a brother thats a drug and alcholic and my dad having kidney cancer wen i was 7.
it is going to be very hard im not gonna lie. My dad was my best friend i told him everything and he new me better then i new myself. he was in a lot of pain wen he died. He died at home and by that time he had put himself in a coma because his calcium levels were so high. i watched my father die my whole life and i thought i was prepared for him to die.. But i will tell you no one is prepared for forever!
im very sorry hope all goes well

I have read all the above, and am teary eyed. Everything written is so beautiful. Like everyone else has said, tell him you love him every chance that you have. Do everything that is possible with him while he is still here. I lost my father of 81 also to cancer 01/16/08, and I miss him so much. I got a call one day that I better come home, which is about 4 1/2 hours away. When I got to the hospital, they had already talked to my mom and brother, and was wanting to talk to me. They said that the cancer had spread and that he maybe had a week. He passed away 5 days later. During those 5 days I stayed by his side almost around the clock. Not wanting to miss a second away from him. There was so many things that I wanted to say, but he was on so much morphine that he didn’t know anything. I did constantly squeeze his hand and tell him I love him. During those 5 days there were several times, even through pain (with his eyes closed) he would say "Jesus will make it alright", and several times "It is so beautiful". My kids came to see him four days before he passed. On Sunday evening I told them to start for home, since they both had jobs to return to. I told them to go give him a kiss and tell him that you love him. My daughter went to his bedside and said "Grandpa it’s Jen, I have to go, I Love You" and even though he seemed totally out of it, he struggled to raise his right arm, as to reach out to her, and as she hugged him, he seemed to somewhat pat her with his arm, and whispered "I Love you", and he also did this with my son. God was surely there that night. It has helped me cope with his passing, because I know where he is. I hope the peace of God is also with you, and make sure he has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord & Savior before he goes.
God Bless All of You
I love you all!
Steve Edwards

My recent loss


Nikki, sorry to hear your dad has cancer. My father died new years eve, and it was a sudden affair, being that we got brought in to hospital on Xmas eve after being diagnosed that morning. He had throad and stomach cancer.

It’s always hard to write about your loved ones, and I spent a few hours thinking about what I’d like to say and how my father impacted my life. We weren’t close at all and I’d moved away from my family about 12 years ago, so it’s had to think about anything that brought his together as father and son.

That inspired me last night to write a few things about being the "son’s of my father" and the lessons I have learnt in life, and how they have affected me in the way I bring up my daughter. Lessons both good and bad have forged my life into the person that I am today, and I thank my father for that.

So for anyone else who has not had a good relationship with their parents, there’s always something you can say about your parents that impacted your life.

My father’s funeral is on Tuesday morning.

Regards to all.

This might help you

hey my dad is 49 years old.. at the age of 48 he was diagnost with a brain cancer that is called "astrocytoma" the life expectance for him with this type of cancer is less than 14% this is the hardest thing that i have had to go through in my life… i wrote a story about my dad… the thing that i did was….. i started to write it up to the present dad.. my dad now is still dealling with everything i left the story open at the end so i could finish after we find out what is going to happen!!! i know that it is hard to deal with but all you can do is be strong for him your family and yourself!!!!!!! i am so sorry that this happened to you but you will get through it….. 14,000 people get this type of cancer a year and out of those 14,000 people only 3,000 people live to tell there story!!!! men in there 40’s only have a 14% of living 6 months after starting treatment… my dad will reach 4 months january 8,2009 we hope that he will be one of those 3,000 people…. if he is he might only make it to live about a year which will only be september 2009…. so this is what i do!!! i don’t pray for hope, or faith…. i pray for a mirricall everyday i wake up…. good luck to you your family and your dad…. brandi parker

My dad died too…

Sorry to hear about everyone elses dads. My dad died New Year’s Day and it is so hard to deal with.

It was unexpected, although his breathing has not been too good all of last year and I have been nagging at him to go to doctors for awhile.

I am still waiting to find out what he died off, the coroners are busy with lots of deaths over christmas!

Has anyone got a nice speech or poem for a funeral to read out.


My dad, age 65, passed away unexpectedly and suddenly of a massive heart attack three weeks ago today on December 17, 2008. No one had any idea it was coming. He never had any health problems before this. I am so sorry for everyone’s loss. I know exactly how you feel. I am completely and utterly sad and shocked and I can’t imagine life without him. I am 35 and have a wonderful husband, but there’s something about losing my daddy that I don’t think I’ll ever come to terms with. Here is my speech that I wrote for my Dad and read at his funeral. I talked after one of my brother’s talked about how hard working my Dad was…

"As much as Dad was a hard worker, he was also a compassionate and supportive father to myself and my 3 brothers and sister, a caring and protective husband to my mom, a proud and doting grandfather to his 3 grandkids and an outstanding brother to my uncle. He was the problem solver, the guy you knew you could go to who would say just what you needed to hear, the guy who knew how to get things done, and would do something for you without thinking twice. He always put others before himself whether that be watching dogs or babysitting grandchildren (which he loved to do) or helping his kids decide what kind of car to buy. He rehabbed a house in Wisconsin with his own two hands and was remodeling a kitchen here in our home, again with his own two hands, all for his wife and kids to enjoy. That was the way Dad was – he showed us how much he loved us by always doing things for us. I like thinking about the times I’d call my Dad up when I was at work and he was at home and we would just talk. I really appreciate the advice he has given me over the years, and I hope he knows how much that means to me. I remember one recent time I called him up really upset about something and he was so understanding and loving and he talked to me with such a kind voice. He listened to me, and he calmed me down and told me exactly what to do. I can still hear him saying, ‘Jen, take a deep breath and count to ten.’ I am so thankful for having him as a Dad. He is what every dad should be – a supporting, loving and unselfish man that you would be so proud to call your Dad. I think I speak for all of my brothers and my sister when I say, Dad was, is and always will be our protector and our hero, and we are so proud to call him our Dad."


Hey everybody
My dad died last year also from cancer what a horrible disease
We watched him shrink to nothing for the last two weeks of him dying he was always such a strong man full of life
We spent over two weeks sitting at his bedside in hospital thinking every day was his last but he fought it to the bitter end

My dad

I lost my dad to liver cancer on March 25th 2009, it was so unexpected, one minute he was diagnosed then 4 weeks later he was gone. we are all in shock how fast it happened. I moved into the hospital room with him the last four days of his life, he knew I was there even though he was on morphine, he kept calling out to me to make sure I stayed by his side. we miss him so much, I am sitting here trying to write a eulogy that is worthy of him, and its hard to put the words to paper. love those closest to you as live is short

hes dying 🙁


I too – am currently going through this tough , emotional event. I just received a call from my brother yesterday – letting me know that dad is really in bad shape, hes 53 – but he look 75 , hes down to 100lbs – hes making gurgling noises and drifting into space. My brother visited him and made him a smoothie with cherries, because my dad wanted it.

He was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer about 5 years ago .. its since spread to his liver, his lungs – and possibly his bones (information is spotty, and asking him directly is out of the question)…

I gave him a call – and told him im coming to see him today, for the first time in a long time. He doesn’t live far at all – but we have both been stubborn and don’t reach out to each other to arrange a time to get together… And now i’m freaking out because its going to be too late.

I was raised by my mom, he didnt really pay child support – had a drinking problem – we were Jehovah’s Witnesses , and he didnt like that — I didnt ever seem to come first… But he was still there, there are many memories – good and bad – he meant well, and none of that past matters anymore.

I have 3 kids, and im 29 – hes only met my two oldest once or twice. and now it may be too late.

Dont ever make this mistake, I’m at the beginning of having to deal with it and its already horrible.

my daddy

my dad died of lymphma it’s a type of cancer he meant the world to me we were not like no normal father and daughter we were like the best friends o one could ever replace my dad he was in the hospital for about 9 weeks before he passed away he had this cancer for more then a year i didnt want him to die but i wanted the best for him but the only way he would have been happy is if he would of died the minute before he died he he smiled at my mom and he took a deep breath and he was GONE! When ever he went in the hospital I gave him my teddy bear so when he passed away he held on my bear and my mom was soo sad but she new that it was better for him to go to heaven with his mom and dad and his to nieces beckey and amy

R.I.P. daddy <3

My dad is dying of cancer….

…..and I have never felt so hopeless. We found out 3 weeks ago he had it, then 2 days later they told us that there was nothing they could do! We were waiting on tests coming back so last week they told us he had weeks maybe a couple of months.

We got him home on Thursday along with amazing help from pallative care including carers, nurses beds etc. Both the nurse and the doctor have told us that it will be quick and we may not see Christmas. I am heartbroken. I’m feeling constantly upset and worried about him, mum and my brothers. We are older now so can look after ourselves but it’s mum and dad’s 40th wedding anniversary next year and she’s going to miss dad terribly. They are both 59, not even retired!

This is the most painful thing I have ever had to go through, I feel isolated and lonely because it’s hard to talk with friends about how I’m feeling. I am 38,male and single with no children. That’s something that hurts me, I never gave him the joy of grandchildren. It’s been a running joke in the family, 3 boys and no children 🙂

I love my dad, and I suppose everyone who is or has been in this situation has regrets about missed times, doesn’t make it any easier though! Huh, I’ve just sat for 5 mins staring into space wondering what I’m doing. I guess I’m just letting out.

Anyway, that’s my story! Not yet ended but I know what’s coming. Just wish it wasn’t this way.

to the person whose dad is dying of cancer nov 09

All i can say is cherish every moment you have with your dad. I lost my dad jan 16th 2009 to cancer. Its a horrible nasty disease, and you keep on asking why????? I really know how your feelin, an what your goin through, i’ve been there, its really really horrible…… Chin up…… wishes to you and your family xx

i lost my mum n dad too

hi there sorry to hear about youre dad ive lost my mum and dad to cancer this year my dad june 09 and mum sept 09 make the most of every day , every day will cast long and happy memories for you take care love tracey

My dad died on 28/12/09


I am so sorry to read everybody elses story’s, my dad died of cancer 2 days ago, to watch someone you love deteriate in front of your eyes is heartbreaking, cancer is evil!!!!!!

I spent every night with him in the hospice from 22 – 27 Dec, but he waited until the early hours of the 28 to go whilst his big brother was staying with him.
I feel he waited so I wasnt there as he didnt want me to see him go.

I am now trying to put the right words together for his eulogy to read out at his funeral on Mon 11 Jan 2010, I hate public speaking but I need to do this for my dad.

Take care guys

Nikki x


My dad died on Sunday January 3, 2010 of cancer as well. This was his second battle with cancer in the last 12 years. No words can ever express how I feel right now.

My dad is was in so much pain it was unimaginable. He went to the hospice on Saturday and was gone on Sunday. I am blessed that the whole family was there when he passed. It was like a miracle when he died though………the priest had come to visit that afternoonn, shortly after volunteers came in to sing by my dad’s room, then family arrived and he passed within 1 hour.

If you know someone that is dying all I can say is spend as much time with them as possible and tell them you love them. If you know someone is in pain and dying soon (even if they are sedated on drugs) the best thing is to tell them it’s okay to let go and be free from pain. This is very difficult to do but it let’s them know you have accepted their death and they will not struggle anymore to hold on.

I told my dad I loved him, it’s okay to go and be with God….he squeezed my hand and died shortly.


I am with everyone here who has lost their father.

We lost my father on the morning of Dec 27th 2009. He was 78 and had his stomach removed due to cancer back in May of 2004. He actually passed of Pneumonia and a certain kind of bacteria in his system that cause the Pneumonia.

My mother and he came to my house for a Christmas party and the majority of the family was around. He was talking and joking and having a good time with all of us. This was the best time he had had since having his stomach out. the next morning I go out to the living room and he tells me to get my mother who was sleeping on the other couch. He was having a hard time breathing and he wanted an ambulance. He never ever wanted an ambulance. He gets to the hospital and he refused to have a tube put down into his lungs to assist in the healing process. So the doctors told us to contact family. After battling for the day we all went to sleep and came back early the next morning. At 9:51 Sunday he passed.

This was truly the case where the Spirit was willing but the body failed.

As all of the others have said, the best thing that you can do is tell them you love them and be with them as much as possible. I am 25, and I cannot describe what it feels like to lose a father and tell my kids he is now in heaven with Jesus. My daughter adored him. This struck me hard because I was in college when he went through surgery and couldn’t find a job around them so I had to move about 5 hours away. I called frequently and talked with him. I don’t regret anything except that I couldn’t have done anything more. He was tired of all of the issues and he is now back in his prime. Do not leave any stone unturned as you never know the timing. I am ok with his death, he is truly better off now, but I miss him terribly!

That is about all I can give.

nans funeral

my dad died on the 12th of january 2010!!his funerals this friday and i am terified !!i am 21 years old and spent alot of time with my dad although wee did not stay together! it started off he had a small lump on his cheek and wee thought it was just a tooth absess!he didnot seek any medichal advice and the more it grew the more he feard help !! it was not until he had a post mortem wee found out that it was cancer ! its just strange how one minute things r all good and they just change for the worst !! and if any 1 is going through anything like this with family to let them know if they don’t do nothing about it at an early stage it will just get worse for them as time goes on !

My Dad Passed Away 05/03/10

After just over a year long battle with lung cancer my dad passed away. He was 70 years old. I remember the day were told he had this terrible disease and it was like my whole caving falling in. Cancer is so crule.

I’m a 37 year old male and worked with my dad for 15 years, seeing him every day, even when he retired I would pop in to say hello to him and my mum.

They said would only have about 6 months but he battled on for nearly 12 months. This last week I have just been wondering around in a daze looking for my dad everywhere I go. I miss him so much.

A week last Thursday we was told to prepare for the worst. We all gathered at his bedside in hospital, he was really struggling and then he got some strength form somewhere and was sat up telling jokes and talking about the good old times. It was like he wasn’t ill anymore and we stayed late until he told us to get off home and he would see us in the morning. I kissed him and told him I loved him. This gave us hope and then in the morning we got a call from the hospital to go there straight away. It was too late, he’d already gone.

I think he didn’t want us to see him like that at the end. I’m gald I told him I loved him because we didn’t really say stuff like that.

I still don’t know what the future holds and if I will ever get over it. I need to be there for mum now, they were married nearly 50 years and there is now a big gap. It’s his funeral on Wednesday and I don’t know how I will cope. I still think he’s going to walk through the door and ask what all the fuss is about.

I just hope he’s in a better place because that’s the only thing that gets me through the day.

I miss him so much.

Hello everyone. I am currently going through the same situation. I have decided to start a blog about my experiences in the hopes to gain some strength from myself as well as others. Please feel free to follow to do the same.


Yeah. It’s good to be yourself. Same with you, I will try to do something. So I support your decision!


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