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Could Public Speaking Make You Feel More Alive in 2019?

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I was prompted to write this post after one of my friends shared an experience whilst on a skiing holiday over the New Year period.

My friend, who I happen to know is an aspiring speaker, posted the following comment on FaceBook

“Managed to ski today. Turns out I feel more alive when I am slightly scared.”

Her words jumped off the screen and smacked me between the eyes. Only for me, the thing that scares me slightly is public speaking.

My admission might surprise you, especially if you know me. People usually tell me that I come across as confident and fearless. But they are wrong.

When I am speaking to a group there is always a controlled level of terror going on inside my head. However, what helps me is that I have come to know that terror and to embrace it. My friend’s skiing post reminded me that it’s harnessing that terror that makes me feel alive when I speak in front of an audience!

The relationship between fear and excitement

The other thing about my friend’s comment was that she specifically used the words “scares me slightly.” Adding that word “slightly” is important. Too much risk and the terror stops you from doing whatever it is that you are afraid of.

Where there is fear, there is excitement. Where there is excitement, there is energy, and energy is an essential component of an engaging speech.

My question for you…

Would you like to feel more alive this year?

So, if you want to feel more alive, find out what it is that scares you a little, and then find a way to do more of it. If that activity happens to be public speaking, then embrace it.

I am living proof that facing your fears brings energy and passion to your life and I am here to help make that fear manageable.

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Published On: 8th Jan 2019

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