Convert pps to ppt?

Convert pps to ppt?

Convert pps to ppt?

Is there any way of converting a pps Slide Show file back to ppt PowerPoint presentation file?

Yes quite simple.

Rather than double clicking on the pps file, go into PowerPoint and then File> Open and then open the file.

As long as it has not been protected you should be able to open and edit it.

It really works! Thank you.


It really works. Thankyou

Thanks for your help.

Renaming .pps to .ppt works for me.

Thanks DOC

Hey i was looking for a way to convert pps to ppt and had downloaded all kinds of converters none of which worked…only to stumble on this…thanks alot Doc

Amazingly simple and helpful……..

Was looking for some s/w that can help me……but was not able to find anything……. thanks man


Just to add Doc’s method always works (unless there’s a password) renaming no longer works in the latest version.

You can also right click the pps icon and choose “NEW”


Is there any way to protect my PPS that it cannot be opened in PPT format?


You can add a modify password in versions from XP

When you save as check out the “Tools” dropdown. It’s in a different place in 2003 / 2007 but you should find it easily

thanks, it really works!

Thank You

Haha, Thank you… 5 years in IT and i just now know how change the pps to ppt… XD

Omg… Thank You..

I just rename to .ppt and it Works , Thanks ErickXU


thanx man you are my prof from today


cool it works


Saved me a whole pile of trouble! Thanks so much!

Thanks for the tip!!! (I meant to rename it as ppt but I have not figured out yet with Vista).

The simple ways of doing things really are the best – when you know how – Thanks

Thanks a lot

Its working fine

pps to ppt running on vista

i have vista and it does not give me to option to change the file extn, please help. Is there any other way to change pps to ppt ?


This should work in Vista too. To see the file extension you must first go to Control Panel > Folder Options > View and UNTICK Hide extensions for known file types.

Ignore the warning message when you change the extension, .ppt amd .pps are identical files

IMHO it is much safer to open PowerPoint > File Open (the .pps) and then resave as a .ppt I have seen many people produce filename.pps.ppt files by mistake.

Also in version 2007 just changing the name will NOT work. although the .ppsx and .pptx are the same there’s a security check built in which checks the extension against the actual file type and it will fail. The File open > resave method above will still work.

thanks alot for your help

convert pps to ppt

Thank you very much; your tip worked perfectly

.pps to ppt

thanks it works

pps to ppt

Thanx a lot doc!!!
U know i wasted precious time to find a solution..and so simple was the answer that i’m blushing.. U R MY HERO!!!


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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    Chandanathil Geevan 3 Jan at 7:59 am
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    Anonymous 23 Feb at 11:31 pm
  5. THANKS so much. this was a lifesaver

    Anonymous 2 May at 3:29 pm
  6. thanks john wilson. your advise works as well even on windows 10! saves time.

    Great and im grateful.

    Pons 26 May at 11:09 pm

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    Vineeta 7 Sep at 1:58 pm
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