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Powerpoint Vs Prezi: The (Interactive) Gloves Are Off

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About 6 weeks ago we reported on the release of Prezi for Business (Prezi’s latest version specifically for business presentations) and that one of their major new features was interactivity. In a nutshell, the new version gave presenters the ability to jump to specific content at the click of a mouse, thus allowing them to tailor their content live during an engagement. Happy days.

Well, the breaking news from Microsoft is that they too have made interactivity a focus with the release of a new function within PowerPoint 365, ZOOM…

Let’s get one thing straight…
Interactivity in PowerPoint presentation designs is nothing new to us here at Eyeful. Custom Shows hark back to the days of PowerPoint 2003, and for over a decade we’ve been championing this amazing way to navigate presentations…

That said, what Zoom seems to do is give the custom show function a much needed refresh. It’s been around for 13 years, it’s an over-complicated and clunky way to set up interactivity and an upgrade was much needed…

So kudos to Microsoft for listening to their users and continuing to push PowerPoint to new levels of usability.

What’s new…
The new menu pulls up the thumbnail of the slides in the deck, allowing you to quickly and easily select the slides you want to jump to…

It then automatically generates the thumbnails on your slide, which are hyperlinked to jump (or zoom) you to those sections while you’re presenting. Neat.

Grab 2

What’s even neater is the ‘zoom’ bit, as when you click on the thumbnail, PowerPoint zooms you into it, taking you to the slide in one seamless flow of movement. We’re guessing that this pulls on the Morph transition we reported on some time ago…

Fundamentally there is absolutely nothing here that you couldn’t do before. It’s just the process of setting all of this up is massively streamlined and simplified. Previously it would have been a pretty time-consuming, not to mention complicated, affair.

Why this is good for your business presentations…
What’s really great about Zoom isn’t actually the functionality it brings, it’s the way the feature will raise the profile of interactive presentations to the wider business presentation world.

Alex Warwick, one of Eyeful’s senior presentation designers had this to say…

“I think it’s another great example of Microsoft being innovative and giving users the functionality to make the most of an ever-changing presentation landscape. Microsoft are realising the power of presenting on different platforms to different audiences and not just in a linear way in big rooms. For a designer, the morph tool was a masterpiece but this tool will be much more impactful to engage with audiences. The interactivity that PowerPoint has provided in the past has been invaluable and this tool takes it another, much easier to use step forward. I cannot wait to train our clients with these new features, they will love it.”

Alex Warwick, Senior Presentation Designer & Trainer, Eyeful Presentations

Eyeful’s concept, The Presentation Landscape is proof that presentations don’t only happen in formal environments such as boardrooms and auditoriums…


With communication over coffee and meetings that require as much input from the audience as the presenter, interactivity gives the power back to the presenter to go with the flow and discuss and share only the slides and content that’s most relevant to the audience in the room.

This is a really powerful element for presenters and anything that increases the awareness of interactive presentations and makes it easier to implement is no bad thing in our book.

This blog post has been re-published by kind permission of Simon Morton – View the original post .


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Published On: 1st Aug 2016

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