BARBIE speech information wanted

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BARBIE speech information wanted

BARBIE speech information wanted

im doing a speech on barbie in english (still in high school)
i need some information if any one has any intresting info on barbie pleese send it to me i need it quickly !!!!



Hey here is some info on Barbie..

– Barbie was created by Ruth Handler in 1959
– First barbie doll ever sold was sold for $3.00
– When Barbie was first introduced to the public, adult women were very offended. Some saying she had too much of a figure and had too much moral pressure on little girls to be perfect.
– The company Mattel determined that little girls did not need to be introduced all the realities of adulthood, there for Ken was born with permanent underwear.

This is just a bit of information, hope it’s useful.

im doing one in history

heyy i no what it feels like im doing one in history for a project

Omghs me too i’m doing one is speech class !!!!


plz help meh i’m doin a presitation on barbie in i.t nd i dont know what to do i know nothing about her all she is , is a doll i thought it cudnt be dat hard but i fought wrong i so stuck im already on level 1 its so boreing x beth x


Barbie was created by Ruth Handler for her daughter Barbara. She originally made the doll so that it could take on adult roles like careeres and family life.

Barbie is the plastic equivalent of a 5 foot, 9 inch woman with a 36inch bust, 33 inch hips, and an impossibly small 18 inch waist.

more than 1 billion barbies dolls were sold.

barbie didnt have a belly button until 2000
about 2 barbie dolls are sold every second around the world.
the first barbie doll costed 3dollars

Barbie was the first fashion doll.

If u need any more info….just reply to this post (i just finished a speech & got a 4)

help plz on barbie speech ..

i need help trying to write my speech on the barbie. Plz if anyone has any ideas on how i could organize my essay please let me knw. thank you .

Barbiee .

imm doinqq a historyy project i need more
informationn onn Barbiee pleasee ( :


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