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A poem for my brother.

A poem for my brother.

A poem for my brother.

Hi everyone,

My brother – (well, he was my foster brother. My mother fostered him when he was a small child and he stayed with our family for his entire life. I’ve always considered him my brother) He died yesterday from an accident fall and he was only 42.

I’ve been looking through all the forums and poem sites unable to find anything fitting for his personality and decided to ask for some help.

He was a lovely kind person. He was the kind of person who would give the clothes on his back to someone who was less fortunate. He was a very funny person, always joking and told the best jokes.

He also had a tough life because his real family didn’t want anything to do with him, I guess in a way he wanted a place to belong. In a way, I guess I want to say he always belonged with his family (and that was with us, those who he grew up with) and his in a place where he belongs as he is with God now and will be loved, remembered and thought of forever.

I’m still numb from hearing the news of his death, it’s quite a big shock.

Any help that anyone could give, I would be extremely grateful. Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

The Thousandth Man

What about “The Thousandh Man”.

It’a a memorial poem for a man who is “one in a thousand”.

Hope this helps.


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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