A 5-minute job presentation

A 5-minute job presentation

A 5-minute job presentation

I will be giving a 5-minitue job presentation in an “Engineering, Construction & Services” company. The job position I am aiming for is a “Graduate Engineer”. The presentation topic is “A technical subject of my own choice”.

I am very nervous now. I haven’t even dicided what and how to present. Please please help me!
Million thanks!!!

Give a talk on the topic that you feel most passionate about. It could be motor cars, electronics, trains, the internet. The more passionate you are about a subject the more that the passion will come out in the presentation.

Also make sure that you use lots of pictures in the presentation as this will make it more memorable.

To help calm the nerves make sure that you practice a lot. Write down your speech and give it out loud at least four times – at least once in front of a real audience (family, friends etc)

Please let us know what topic you have decided.

Many thanks


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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