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4 secrets to choose the best images for your slides

You use images in a presentation for 3 reasons:

  1. To help your audience understand what you are saying
  2. To help them remember what you are saying
  3. To persuade them to change their mind and take action

How do you choose the best images for your presentation?

A common question people ask me is how I choose the best images for my presentations. I’ve come up with a 4-part method, BARE:

B = Big. It’s simple, but big images will be more impactful than small ones.

A = Arresting. Another way to say this is attention-getting. You need to get people to stop in their tracks and pay attention!

R = Relevant. Images should always help people understand and remember your message. Don’t just decorate slides.

E = Emotional. This is the clincher. If you can add emotion to an image, you’ll be most able to persuade your audience.

Watch this short video to see how I tried out a variety images until I found an image that achieved all 4 parts of the BARE method.

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Published On: 12th May 2016

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