3rd Interview Blind presentation

3rd Interview Blind presentation

3rd Interview Blind presentation

I am through to the last and final round of interviews and the company are going to give me a topic or two when I arrive. I will have 10 minutes to prepare and then will present my feedback or solutions to a group of possibly 5 people. As I have no idea what the subject is, is there any tips or advice on likely situations I may get or how to present back to win the job. The company is an global live shopping channel!

The secret in this type of interview is to rehearse in advance. This will make the presentation flow much more smoothly.

So start by trying to imagine three questions that they could ask you. It doesn’t matter too much. If you are going for a job with a shopping channel then it is a fair bet that they would like you to present some of their products back to them. If you watch the channel for a few days that will give you an example.

Then start presenting things back. Try it with a mirror and see how you get on. A little bit of humour will probably not go tooo far wrong.

A great way to present an item for a TV channel is to follow the old Proctor and Gamble TV advert style

1. What is the problem the product solves
2. What is the solution i.e the product
3. How does it work
4. What are the benefits

This can work for anything from a cleaning fluid – i.e. what to do with a stain on a carpet through to an item of Jewellry (ever find that you are stuck for something to wear to a posh do?) through to a holiday (want to go to somewhere just a little different?)

Once you have tried it a couple of times in front of a mirror (maybe a video camera) then try it in front of a real audience – family, friends, colleagues

This should mean that you are comfortable with the technique and preparing in ten minutes. Other than that – it’s probably up to you.

Good luck and please let us know how you get on


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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