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15 min interview presentation

15 min interview presentation

15 min interview presentation

Hi there,

I have an interview coming up and have to give a 15min presentation (any topic). I will be teaching accounting software to classes of new customers. I am great at accounting but don’t want to bore the HR manager and Training manager in the interview. Any ideas for a suitable topic for the interview. How could I inject a bit of humour/life into the presentation? Any ideas would be most welcome

Many thanks

Unhelpful reply!

Hi Angela,

Ignore that last post from someone who shouldn’t be posting at all – totally unhelpful and rude and not worth listening to. [That post has now been deleted- Editor]

Suggestions for a good interview topic would be instructing the interview panel on how to do a hobby that you enjoy. This demonstrates your skills at teaching others how to so something and will make you stand out a bit. You will also come across as enthusiastic as it is something you love!

If they have specified an accounting presentation then it’s a bit trickier to demonstrate fun and interactive learningin a short time! I heard of a software training company who would map out the screen on the floor and get learners to stand on the buttons that they would press in real life. Really good way to make learning stick. Alternatively try getting them to play snap with cards relating to the software.

Always inject some colour and music in if you can. And don’t be afraid to do something a bit off the wall. they will probably be sat through loads of people just talking at them so will remember you if nothing else!!

Hope that helps


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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