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10 Minute Presentation on my leadership style

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10 Minute Presentationon my leadership style

10 Minute Presentation on my leadership style

I have to do a 10 minute powerpoint presentation on my leadership style for a position in my company, any advice would be helpful

One of the best ways to demonstrate your leadership style is to get the information from other people. This is often called 360 degree feedback.

It is much more powerful to say “my collegeages describe me as good in dealing with difficult situations” than it is to say “I am a good manager”

You could get feedback from your boss, colleagues or people who work for you. This is usually best face to face, but could be by phone or email. Best to give people a little notice of what you want.

Make sure that you write down their feedback.

You can then present the best bits. You can use some of the verbatim comments as visual aids.

If you can put pictures alongside the feedback then it will be more powerful. An example of this technique to describe “opne handed management” is described in this page

If you can give some examples of situations where you have demonstrated your leadership style.

Good luck.

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Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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