10 min presentation for promotion

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10 min presentation for promotion

10 min presentation for promotion

Hi, I have never did a presentation before and really want this job. I have an interview 19/10 for Learning & Development, the presentation is to ‘briefly describe what I think are the main differences between the concepts of ‘management’ and ‘leadership’. The post is for the civil service and as it is a mangers post, the above elements are extremely important. I would appreciate any help. Thanks Nicola

It sounds like a fiarly simple concept and one that you should be easily able to research

It is fairly easy to get an answer to this question. A simple Google search “management leadership differences” will show the answers.

I presume that you have read our article essential presentation skills

It is then just a question of illustrating the presentation with a few examples. If you can show some examples of where you have shown leadership then this will be very powerful.

I hope this helps


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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