10 min Presentation for Job

10 min Presentation for Job

10 min Presentation for Job

Hi there everyone very shortly I have to do a 10 min Presentation for a job i have gone for. The question is ( Think of the practical steps when you have to solve a problem?)
Just wondering if any of you have any ideas I could use, the advice I have been given so far is keep it basic and with in the problem solving strategy. A friend of mine has just done one on the practical steps he used to loose weight.
If anybody has done one like this is there any chance I could look at it. But i just want some help as I am new to this problem solving presenting.


There are a number of common steps to solving any problem, the First is obviously, finding out what the problem is in the first place. This is a fairly simple explanation, such as we keeping running out of printer ink.

Then you need to look at what is causing the problem, it could be that ink is being ordered, but not arriving, or that people don’t order it till it runs out. etc.

Evaluate the evidence. The person ordering may claim they order in time, but if you look at the records, it could show they are reacting rather than anticipating the problem.

Look at the possible answers tot he solution, how can you change it? It might be possible to keep a replacement in stock,a nd reorder that when it needs changing, or maybe the printer gives a low ink warning giving time to re-order. Look at the pro’s and cons of each

Decide on which represents the best answer, and create a system to implement this, i.e make sure people actually order when they replace the unit, or when the light indicates that it is low.


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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