1 Min Pageant Speech

1 Min Pageant Speech

1 Min Pageant Speech

Any ideas for a one minute pageant speech? My Daughter 16 has never given a speech. Thank you in advance for any help.

The real secret in a short speech will be to mention no more than three points and then to practice many times out loud.

These points are shown on the following pages


She needs to remember, be loud, be clear, be confident. Confidence is the key in giving a speech. Don’t figit. When people figit, put their hands behind their back, in the pockets, play with their hair, etc. the audience loses trust in the speaker, its a proven fact. In her speech if its for a pageant maybe she could say why she deserves the title and what she would accomplish if she receives it.


She needs to remember to be loud but clear and say something like:
Hello i’m contestant #6 allison lock and i am proudly sponsored tonight by golden scissors


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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