Try out our free Valentine card maker

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Free Valentine card maker

valentine card

Thinking of sending a card to your secret (or not so secret) Valentine? With our Valentine card maker you can create personalised cards online and then either send by email or print them off to send in the post.

Take me to the Valentine card maker.

Find inspiration for your Valentine’s message in our article Top Messages for a Valentine’s Day Card.

We also have printable Valentine cards and several pages of Valentine PowerPoint templates for you to download.

The Valentine card maker is a new addition to our growing suite of online design web 2.0 tools, including our Christmas card maker. These tools allow you to personalise your chosen image design with words of your choice.

We also have a free online birthday card maker

Views - 4,422

10 February 2014

Filed under Presentation News, Valentines

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Comments on: Try out our free Valentine card maker

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You are so good looking
Its too good to be true


Posted by Paul — 14 Feb @ 9:28 am

Roses are red
They’re sent from the heart
Oh how I miss you
When we are apart


What a wonderful idea for setting out and sending messages. Thank you

Posted by Rose Valentine — 14 Feb @ 10:37 am

thanx for all the material u provided to us for xpressing our luv to our love ones

Posted by s.s — 6 Feb @ 3:46 pm

love makes the world go round
love looks like pink and red hearts floating in the sun set
it feels like pink velvet
love makes the world go round

Posted by chloe smith — 14 Feb @ 9:38 am

how cute

Posted by miel — 4 Sep @ 4:08 am

thanx for everything u gave to the world, it helps A LOT.

Posted by leah — 4 Feb @ 2:28 am

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