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PowerPoint slide show stops

PowerPoint slide show stops

We had two people who created their presentations and sent it to one person to combine.

The one presentation ran fine but when the second one started, it would sometime go through the first 2 slides and other times it would one play the first slide.

There were no hidden slides, no transitions of any kind. As anyone ever seen this happen before?

To work around this, we just linked the two together but we would like to know what was happening.


Try placing a new slide in front of the "second half" and see if that changes it a bit…Save the slide in the second presentation before you transfer it…

Try deleting the first and second slide: See if the "glitch" goes to the new first/second slide….then…try recreating the first and second slide in the combined presentation and see if the glitch moves, stays, etc.


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24 October 2015

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