More Free PowerPoint Sound Clips (2)

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microphoneWe have added some more PowerPoint sound clips. To keep the file sizes down they are only available in mp3 format. These templates have been supplied by Liz Oakley.

These clips are for personal use only and must not be distributed, sold or displayed on the web by anyone other than Presentation Magazine.

More PowerPoint Sound Clips

These sound clips are only available in mp3 format

Dog Barking – I don’t know why, but this has been the most requested clip for us to produce – so here you are!
Dog Barking (mp3) 12k

Happy Birthday - a complete rendition of “Happy Birthday to you” – this is the world’s most famous song
Happy Birthday (mp3) 223k

Wedding March – how romantic! – the sound of a bride walking down the wedding aisle
Wedding March (mp3) 374k

Car Horn – a car horn being beeped a couple of times
Car Horn (mp3) 290k

Wedding Bells – wedding bells at the church
Wedding Bells (mp3) 332k
Wedding Bells Long (mp3) 1788k

How to add these sound clips to PowerPoint

If you need to know how to add sound clips into a PowerPoint presentation then please click on the following link Adding Sound into PowerPoint.

Views - 36,638

19 January 2009

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thenks for sounds and music.

parisa from iran

Posted by parisa — 27 Jul @ 11:09 am

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