Fun activity ideas – Powerpoint for Kids

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Fun ideas – PowerPoint for kids

Now you know how mad about presentations we are. Well we were wondering how to keep the kids entertained over the holidays and we hit upon a great idea – teach them PowerPoint.

We are a little skeptical, but both our five year old son and our 8 year old daughter took to it – like a duck to water..

Within a week they have been producing some quite amazing pictures. We have shown some of them here. I think that some of the techniques that they have learnt could teach some of the adults a lesson or two!

Graphic of a snowman

This picture was produced by a 5 year old in PowerPoint

And with presentation skills being one of the most important career skills that you can have I think that they are already off to a head start.

The best part of PowerPoint from a children’s point of view is the drawing function located at the bottom left of the screen.

Kids love word art

Powerpoint Word Art

Powerpoint Word Art

Word art is another useful function that can add effect to a presentation. If you would like to see how the full presentation click on the Children PowerPoint Examples link.

Views 37,064

11 August 2006

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Comments on: Fun activity ideas – Powerpoint for Kids

where can i find ppt to teach me tis isny gid

Posted by someone whats it to ya — 12 Sep @ 6:28 pm

powerpoints are really fun thats y u should do one bout urself

Posted by Anonymous — 13 Sep @ 4:04 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 6 Oct @ 9:17 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 26 Oct @ 10:12 pm

You should put idea’s for older kids too. not just 5 year olds.

Posted by Fred — 12 Nov @ 7:54 pm

nice idea’s

Posted by Anonymous — 12 Nov @ 7:55 pm

wow that was not helpful at all, mainly because i am not 5

Posted by megatron — 16 Nov @ 8:44 pm

I think you should post ideas for kids that are older than 5

Posted by Anonymous — 18 Dec @ 11:06 am

thats cool dude

Posted by dfgthgvdc — 9 Jan @ 10:50 am


Posted by Anonymous — 30 Jan @ 11:33 am

cool man

Posted by Anonymous — 3 Feb @ 11:59 pm


Posted by jann — 5 Feb @ 9:34 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 12 Feb @ 9:03 pm

I just got the powerpoint on my computer, is just amazing. Thank you very much.

Posted by Sahar — 13 Feb @ 8:49 pm


Posted by garrick — 7 Mar @ 7:39 am

awsowm man!

Posted by garrick — 7 Mar @ 7:40 am

wow! this is toatly awsom man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by garrick — 7 Mar @ 7:45 am

me and my siter Jo LOVE POWER POINT!

Posted by garrick — 7 Mar @ 7:48 am

its awesome

Posted by tavleen — 17 Mar @ 10:26 pm

lmao bang. seriously? under 5?

Posted by asdfasdf — 18 Mar @ 2:49 am


Posted by Anonymous — 20 Mar @ 11:43 am

Ideas for older kids please:)

Posted by Anonymous — 30 Mar @ 4:47 pm

I think it is verry intresting and enjable

Posted by Anonymous — 24 Apr @ 5:38 pm

Older kids ideas please!Preferably 11-16!!!

Posted by Anonymous — 16 May @ 9:27 pm


Posted by kristen — 24 May @ 5:12 pm


Posted by ADS — 30 May @ 11:21 pm

i love powerpoint presentations i is fun

Posted by lisa — 23 Jun @ 3:39 pm

i lik pwerpnt coz it maks me smil nd happy i alwys drw pics on it

Posted by Anonymous — 22 Jul @ 9:31 am

I really love powerpoint i love da pics on it LOL

Posted by shannon — 29 Jul @ 1:53 pm

hi it was brill

Posted by nope — 5 Aug @ 8:27 pm

the web site is good

Posted by cody — 25 Aug @ 11:26 pm

i wanted a powerpoint for prefebly 10-16 please not 5

Posted by elizabeth — 13 Sep @ 5:55 pm

Idea for older kids

Posted by j — 28 Sep @ 3:32 pm

yeah, im over 5 and really need some ideas
like ideas for people 11 to 14.

Posted by Alex — 2 Oct @ 11:40 am

you should put power point ides for like 11-15 year old not just stupid 5 year old

Posted by yasmine — 15 Oct @ 10:58 pm

powerpoinrt presentation is cool

Posted by Anonymous — 26 Oct @ 5:00 am

I’m in 8th grade and I need an idea for a power point. I want it to be fun and someone simple. I only need 5-6 slides

Posted by brittney — 16 Nov @ 9:52 pm

Any ideas?

Posted by brittney m. — 16 Nov @ 9:53 pm

that’s cute and a good idea. it’s a really good idea to start a kid off learning something like powerpoint. i do believe that powerpoint is an interesting program that a kid will like and will keep trying to learn. great idea!

Posted by nicole — 17 Nov @ 1:13 am

what should I do my powerpoint on

Posted by Amy — 15 Dec @ 5:05 pm

powerpoint is mega you can do anything on it. its cccccccccccccccoooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllll

Posted by abbie w — 17 Dec @ 7:50 pm

ideas for older kids 11-16 please

Posted by chris — 20 Dec @ 2:46 am

Well alrighty then! I’m glad we started out with high exspectations of the people in this program. Maybe I should have brought crayons….

Posted by Ian — 26 Jan @ 6:46 am


Posted by chickin Lover — 2 Feb @ 6:58 pm

i really think you need more advanced ideas for over 5?s so put things for 11-17 years olds otherwise no one will be that interested

Posted by anonamous — 5 Feb @ 11:05 am

Many thanks for your feedback, this section was specifically aimed at children activities with older people being able to use the presentations on the website for homework and other ideas as suggested on each presentation page.

Posted by rboynton — 7 Feb @ 11:58 am

i love the snowman i wish i was that good. :)

Posted by Ella — 7 Mar @ 7:14 pm

those kids are good

Posted by Anonymous — 9 Apr @ 12:07 pm

If you are wondering about projects for older kids, my 11 yr old daughter made a family PwrPnt presentation in secret, only to hook her laptop up to the tv (we sat on the couch) and give her presentation. Each family member had their own slide (even the family dog) with a short list of who we are (do, age, personality), and clip art to represent something we like or resemble. It was amazing!!! I never realized kids will sit down with a computer program and create something on their own.

Posted by bellana51 — 19 Apr @ 10:11 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 12 Sep @ 1:36 pm

You need to click on the “download as a PowerPoint file” button and save the file to your computer

Posted by rboynton — 14 Sep @ 11:34 am

thankz love <3

Posted by Anonymous — 26 Nov @ 6:10 pm

hey how coool!!!

Posted by mercedes — 15 Mar @ 7:06 pm

Sooo Lame need more for atleat 10 and over not just 5 year olds….

Posted by Anonymous — 9 Jan @ 9:48 pm

cool but tell something about older kids

Posted by Anonymous — 9 Apr @ 7:39 am

woow super cool i love it :)

Posted by amanda — 9 Apr @ 7:50 pm

you are fabulous

Posted by taylor swift — 24 May @ 8:21 am

i think it should be for kids older than five

Posted by Ellie — 5 May @ 2:36 pm

thanks a lot!

Posted by sylvie — 7 May @ 10:26 am

some people say”making presentation can make a Child’s brain excellent”.

Posted by anonymous — 20 May @ 1:52 pm

I think you should do something for older kids

Posted by Ummmm okay — 25 Aug @ 7:36 am

love it!

Posted by s — 5 Jun @ 3:49 pm

I made a powerpoint about my favorite book characters and some of their famous quotes. Hope this helps for some older kids.

Posted by Leo Valdez — 5 Jul @ 2:15 am

I also think that you should do something for older kids.

Posted by RandomPerson:P — 2 Jan @ 5:29 am

its cool

Posted by nico — 23 Feb @ 12:09 am

I have made a PowerPoint on an interview. You could also make a PowerPoint on different school subjects. Hope this helps! :)

Posted by PowerPoint Maker — 29 Feb @ 10:52 pm

As a 12 year old, I think that ideas should be produced, not just for 8 years and under, but for people of different age groups
Kind regards,
Holly Raymond-Hill

Posted by Holly Raymond-Hill — 5 Mar @ 9:20 am

good job!

Posted by :) — 19 May @ 9:56 pm

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