Funnel and Pyramid Clip Art Shapes

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Funnel and Pyramid Clip Art Shapes

We have designed these funnel and pyramid clip art shapes for you to use.

They may be useful to use as a measuring guide or for a geography project or even for a topic like the weather.

They could also be used as a sales funnel for a business presentation.

Funnel and Pyramid Clip Art Shapes inside page
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21 April 2009    Template number 00297

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Comments on: Funnel and Pyramid Clip Art Shapes


Thank you very much for sharing the same…these are really useful..

Posted by Rahul — 8 May @ 2:23 pm

Loved it – thank you! It was just what I was after!!!

Posted by Jennie King — 16 Jul @ 10:57 am

I was thrilled to find your funnel. It is perfect for my Ph.D. dissertation, and will be one of the visuals in my oral defense, for sure. Great job!

Posted by Jenny — 20 Aug @ 4:07 pm

Thanks for this, I plan on using this as a graphic in a PP presentation to contract 2 different approaches, one that includes our product (the funnel) and the “normal” approach, which looks more like a cylinder.

Posted by Scott Anderson — 14 Oct @ 10:21 pm

these templates are really amazing , i think every one should make use of it.It really made a difference to my presentation & made me distinct from others.

Posted by divya.c — 7 Nov @ 6:48 am

These are awesome!! Thank you

Posted by Anonymous — 23 Nov @ 2:38 pm


Posted by p.srinivas — 29 Nov @ 6:07 pm

Thank you for the funnels — I will use it as a graphic to illustrate how researchers go through a process of collecting observational data in qualtiative research

Posted by JAS — 17 Jun @ 9:12 pm

great stuff can really demonstrate my point now.



Posted by john — 25 Nov @ 9:11 pm

More useful templates that made my presentation easier than before, thanks teams who’re generated.

Posted by Pakorn Duangjaisak — 1 Feb @ 2:58 pm

You just saved me a couple of hours of work. Thanks so much!!!

Posted by Cris Garnell — 24 Mar @ 4:42 am

This is great site for finding templates. These different funnel shapes were perfect for my dissertation. Thank you so much for sharing.

Posted by Van — 22 Apr @ 5:29 pm

Nice job. Appreciate you posting the funnels. Saved me a bunch of time.

Posted by Dan Zimmerman — 3 May @ 12:46 am

Sweet! Thanks, just what I needed!

Posted by Amy — 23 May @ 9:50 pm

Thanx a milion!

Very helpful

Posted by Arthur — 10 Jul @ 10:46 am

I’m preparing for a Sales Planning Meeting and needed a funnel graphic for my data. This image looks professional and saved me time. Thanks!

Posted by Laurie — 24 Aug @ 4:04 pm

Excellent..I used it for one important business presentation. Thankyou very much for the help..

Posted by Pillai — 3 Jan @ 2:17 pm

You just saved me some time. Love this site.

Posted by Beth — 14 Feb @ 5:15 pm

Your funnel image was just what I needed. Thanks!

Posted by Jing Causon — 7 May @ 9:21 am

Thanks very much – I will use the funnels in Ministry Vision Plan

Posted by Neville — 24 May @ 9:34 pm

You saved me! Thanks….

Posted by Susan G — 9 Jun @ 3:04 pm

hey you saved me. God bless you

Posted by nazia — 11 Dec @ 8:12 am

Amazing, thanks

Posted by Mo — 9 Feb @ 6:19 pm

Hoping to use this to demonstrate process flow from different systems.


Posted by Francesca C. — 15 Jun @ 1:30 pm

Thanks- saved tons of time

Posted by Jags — 21 Jul @ 3:39 pm


Posted by S Katre — 15 Oct @ 3:17 pm

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